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  • I just posted this in response to another thread that may be deleted. For those who want to read what I have said, here it is:

    For the record, I am the bully Sherrill was referring to (among others).  Not only did I not turn her in to cause her to be suspended, but SU! has confirmed that they do not give names in those situations.  Furthermore, do we really think that SU! would suspend someone based solely on a bully's words?

    All of those who are picking up stones against these bullies, please read for yourself below.  I do not send private messages to Sherrill (except to say no, thank you to several inviations to join her SC group).  Both of my "bullying" posts were on another person's thread,so no, Sherrill can not delete them.  I read the very mean posts on PLNS group (because it is open) about me, the bully, and if anyone thinks this is bullying, that is your perogative.  I didn't mean these comments any further than face value, and  I know why you don't believe me.  The second post of mine below, was not directed at Sherrill (as she claims).  I was surprised to read that in the manual because LOTS of demos include non-downline in their training, including me, in the past.  I thought others would be surprised at this,too.

    Here's what Sherrill wrote about me, the bully, on her open Positively Late Night Stampers Group (many received this in email--it might no longer be there):

    "We have both received personal attacks. I do not feel safe to chat or discuss. It has gone way beyond a polite disagreement.

    One of their members has called our Treasure Hunt my personal "event"

    and has now found another rule in the demo manual she thinks I'm breaking.

    She will surly turn me in again."

    Here are the two posts she clearly referred to (and the link to read them in context yourself--Sherrill may have deleted what she wrote, but I have not and will not delete my posts)

    1. http://www.stampinconnection.com/forum/topics/come-pin-with-me?comm...  I've noticed that you often reply or post with either very large photos, or as in this case with a lot of smaller photos,which take up a huge amount of the discussion page.  Someone just asked why you posted your own event on this thread, and instead of a simple answer, you posted this really long photo filled reply that again promotes your event (which I notice you have posted on another thread of its own.) 

    2.This is at the bottom of my reply: http://www.stampinconnection.com/forum/topics/what-can-you-include-...

    I also thought this was interesting: 

    "Access for downline training web sites must be limited to 
    a demonstrator’s downline; providing access to customers, 
    potential recruits, or other demonstrators is prohibited."

  • lol, thanks for your comment about my sense of humor. I thought it kind of went with the s/he statement! :)

  • Chris: Just want you to know that I do appreciate the work that you do and the advise you have given to those of us new to Stampin' Up! Those of us with full-time jobs or "time zone" issues find it very helpful to get answers here 24/7. But, now I can certainly understand why you [and others] hesitate to help. The ungrateful attacks on well-meaning folks are discouraging, and I am sorry you had to experience that. I understand your position, but do NOT rejoice in loosing your voice in SC. I consider you a voice of reason. Thank you.

  • Thank you Chris.  I respect you very much and really appreciate your positive comments regarding my actions.  It's amazing to me that I have gotten so many really nice comments, and nothing negative at all.  I was so concerned that I was tearing up my (self-given!) honorary llama card by deleting my thread.

    :-D Miriam

  • Hi Chris, I was just thinking of you, and wondering hows it going? I hope things are better on SC for you! I just got back from Convention, and I'm so tired! Getting ready cutting, and such for a class on Saturday....Just wanted to say Hi! Your SC Friend, Kimberly
  • Love this profile pic - enjoy your Happy Place!
  • I have often read your posts looking for answers. I would like to add you as friend, as I did Jean, so that if I have a question I can ask you directly--so that we don't offend anyone. :) Crazy world we live in, huh?
  • Lego Llamas!  Love Love Love!   :D
  • Okay, my friend sent me a photo of Lego Llamas, how could I NOT change my profile pic?
  • Hi Chris,

    Cool new avatar.  Holstein (Guernsey?) on a Mountaintop...seeking peace and enlightenment perhaps?  Whatever...it looks very peaceful and Zen.     Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you are loved and appreciated.   Be well my friend and enjoy your rest.

This reply was deleted.