December 30

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Holly Denghel

What state do you live in?


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  • Thanks for understanding......."Those moments" seem to increase in frequency as time goes by lol....
  • Hi Holly thanks for your reply re the screen issue.......I deleted the discussion...........hope you dont mind but wanted to thank you on your home page....I felt like and idiot not making the connection between the SC website and everyother stinkin website I view online......please dont ask me why I thought there was any difference....lol.........I personally dont know the answer........but thanks again! Have a great weekend
  • Thanks for the comments! Sent you a friend request!! :)
  • Thanks for your comments. I do like to try to help people see the importance of getting information from a truly trusted source, and that isn't "us" it is SU.

    On the other hand, I sure don't want to make people think their questions are not welcome.

    I know I had been "on board" for about a year and suddenly there was this onslaught of questions I thought were really stupid. Buffy just kept answering, patiently. Well then was when I realized that we had just had a bunch of new recruits and, of course, they didn't know it all yet.So when I am about to lose all control. I sit back and let Buffy be the patient one. LOL

  • Hey Holly - I appreciate your comment on my problem with not getting the Dec success magazine. I received my first SU order, one item was not in the box so when I called about that, I inquired about the magazine and catalogs. She said I got caught in the "inbetween" time and said she would send it right out to me.
    I see you are also in Texas, outside of Austin?  I'm in Stephenville, about 60 miles outside of FtWorth.
    I appreciate you answering me so much, I expect to have my catalogs & Magazine in hand soon :)

  • Thank you Holly. I called and it will be mailed!

This reply was deleted.