May 22

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Virginia Connelly

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  • Hey Ginger...have you been scrapping much since the Regional meeting? Are you planning to go to Convention?
  • That is awesome how you got your 1st job. God does open doors doesn't he :) Thank you so much for all the info, I will definitely be looking into all of the options you gave me :)
  • Ginger, I am SO happy to know someone close by me who is also a demo. I am just a hobby demo - no desire whatsoever to do much else because I'm just getting started on all this stamping stuff. I would love to get together sometime I work in Denham Springs.
  • I worked in the office with about 10 other MTs for about a year and a half before they started me working at home. I think that working IN an office (if that is an option) is an excellent way to start because your work is gone over before it is released. There are nationwide companies, though, that have a mentoring program for new MTs, where your work goes to a quality assurance person for them to review all your work before it is sent out for doctor's signatures/printing/charts/whatever that particular medical facility's routine might be. MedQuist is a large company that is generally pretty good about hiring and training new MTs. Transcend Services is another (I worked for them for a few years.) Transcend also had excellent training and a forum where you could ask questions.

    3. The equipment you will need varies from company to company. I have generally worked for companies that provided my equipment for me. I have worked for a small doctor's office and I had my own equipment.

    4. You would have to contact each program individually about financial aid as far as I know.

    5. Most of the time, you are working with a large pool of transcriptionists. Time off is generally not an issue. You usually are not able to take the equipment with you and work on a laptop.

    No, you are not being a pest. :^D
  • Carol, I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.

    1. I have heard good things for years about The Andrews School. That's the only one I've heard mentioned over and again. They probably have more info on what to avoid on that website. You can also check mtstars.com. It is a forum and they have info on schools and training.

    2. Okay, here's how I "fell into" this business. I was going to put in an application at a large hospital for a receptionist/front desk position. When driving, I felt VERY strongly that I was supposed to pull off and go put in an application for this large medical clinic. I felt like God was urging me, but told Him out loud, "Now, God. You know the only position at that clinic is for one front desk position and that position is BOUND to be gone by now. I'm just wasting my time." But I continued to feel very strongly that I needed to do this, so I pulled off at the appropriate exit. When I walked into Human Resources, the lady told me, "If you are here for the front desk position, it's already been filled. We're only taking applications for medical transcriptionists." I actually had no idea what a medical transcriptionist WAS, but said, "Yes, that's what I'm here to apply for." She looked at me strangely and told me I'd have to take a medical abbreviation test, a medical spelling test, a medical terminology test, and a typing speed test. I passed them all with flying colors and was offered the job. :^) I was trained on the job. So THAT'S how I started.
  • Ok, after looking at the link you sent me I have additional questions, if you don't mind :)

    1. If you were new to this field and hadn't "fell into it" as you did, which school would you pick to get started? Being an insider, I was hoping you had heard from other MT's which programs to avoid.

    2. Also, how did you find work when you first started out? Did you work in an office environment first and then start working from home later?

    3. What type of equipment do you suggest, or does that come with the online course?

    4. I only found one school that specifically mentioned federal financial aid, such as pell grants and student loans. Do you know if they all offer that, or will I need to contact each one individually?

    5. How do you handle situations where you have to be out of town, such as vacation, funerals, or emergencies? Do you have an assistant that takes the slack, or does the work just pile up until you return? Or, do you have a laptop and take your work with you?

    If I'm being a pest...please let me know :)

    Thanks again!
  • Thanks for the link Ginger. I have looked online in the past for this very thing, but was leery about going with any of the programs because I wasn't sure how legit they were. It's nice to know from someone that is actually in the business. Thanks again :)
  • Hi Ginger...it's great to meet you! I have three older children as well, mine are Megan -22 (just married and now a 3rd grade teacher), Ricky-18 (attending college in Colorado & engaged), and Rachel-17 (her middle name is Virginia...lol). It sounds like you have your hands full with home schooling and transcription business. I thought about doing that at one time, but I'm not sure how to get it started. Any pointers? I have a little bit of medical background...so that helps.
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