October 31

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Pam Snyder

What state do you live in?


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  • Pam, Just wanted to say thank you for the kind comment you left on my wall -- it's one of the nicest things anyone's said to me about my stamping! Thank you! Yvette Ashe

  • Hi Pam! Thanks for your little note....hope you are doing well! :)
  • Hey Pam! Add Shanna as a friend.
  • You have been making some gorgeous cards!!! Did you hear that you have a new sister??? So excited for Shanna. Guess what she got right away........give up.......? The Gala bag!!!!
    We are all going out to dinner for a girls night out this Saturday at Verona's 5:30. After we are going to see Dinner with Schmucks. I hope you can come to one or both. Miss seing you so this would be great. Let me know!!!
  • Hi, Pam! Sounds like the heat is everywhere -- it's been ridiculously humid this week with the heat index in or near the low 100s. Blech. I've been staying inside as much as possible. Since I'm off work this week, I was hoping to get a ton of stamping done, but I'm having trouble feeling creative. I get half a card done then decide I don't like it and have to start over. Oh, well. I'd rather spend my time stuggling with stamping than being at work anyway! :)
  • Yeah, I just ran across feedburner, looked everywhere in their FAQ to see if it was free and never could find anything. Looks pretty simple to setup though. Hope you and Tanya decide to go to FW :)
  • Hi Pam, just sent you an email. Are you going to Regionals in Fort Worth in September?
  • Hi Pam, I got in late. If you get this message you can call till 11:30, but I was afraid to call you after 9:30, cause I know you have to get up in the morning
  • Actually, no. I have had a very busy month. However, I better get crackin' because I have my scrapbooking hostess club next week. I have an idea of what I'm going to do with them, but just need to sit down and put it together.

    I probably will not be going to convention. I went to Nicaragua this past December (that's where my profile pic was taken), will probably be going back in July, and our whole family will be going next December. If I told my husband I wanted to go somewhere else (and without him), I might find myself in divorce court! ;^)

    You asked about craft pads - I just have always used them for stamping in my scrapbooks. I was told when I started stamping that craft was for scrapbooking because it is a pigment based ink and wouldn't fade over the years and classic was for cards - that there was a chance it would fade over the years because it was a dye based ink. So I've just always used craft. I also am addicted to embossing and of course craft is perfect for that. It does take longer to dry, but since that's what I was "trained" on, I will do my stamping first and set it aside to dry (if I'm not embossing, which I do more often than not) and work on some other aspect of the page.
  • Pam - I just gave a pack of 8 cards to the girl who does my lawn and none of them had sentiments. I just did the layout so it looked ok and worked for almost any occasion. that way, she can use them for anything. she was very happy with that concept.

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