January 1

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*


What state do you live in?


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  • Thanks for the great MDS refresher at the Baltimore Regional on Saturday!!!

  • M. Markey Dwyer


  • The flip book for Mod 3 - page 3 has old career chart - could that please be changed so we can actually USE this great little booklet? Thanks
  • I signed up for the Direct Your Success group that started on or about September 28. I'm not sure if that puts me in Cast 1 or 2. About three days ago I stopped receiving emails, and have been unable to post. I called the office, but have had no help from them, at this time. I would love to get back into the group, but until this is resolved, I cannot participate at all. All the computer tells me is that you must be a member of the group. Have I been "discontinued" or something? Can you do anything?
  • Hi. I filled out my report for act 3 last week but didn't see my name on the list. So, today, Monday, November 8 I just filled out another report. Can you tell me if you ever received the first one? Also I'm ready for Act 4's report and was unable to fill it out. Can you help me figure out what's going on here? Thanks
  • I am still having trouble finding the updated list with the act 1 participants. All i see are the twenty winners. How can i find if i am on the list?
  • I filled out the survey & completed Act 1. I don't know where to post my "Why statement". I had a time finding this thread. I thought we were supposed to get an e-mail about it? Thanks for any & all help! Beth
  • I am ready to report on Act 1 where do I do this?
  • Wondering why my name did not appear as having completed act 5? !!
  • Whay are some of our names not on the list? I completed the survey for act 5 but don't see my name on the list posted today?
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