August 7

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Lisa Richards Flemming

What state do you live in?


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  • Hi Lisa. I'm not ready for Convention.. I still have to make the 52 cards for the swap I signed up for. It's my 1st convention but I know it'll be fun. We passed by Lafayette last Sunday on our way back from Florida, the weather was horrendous!!

  • Hi Lisa - I'm with you and Miriam on that map stamp.  As I wrote privately to Miriam, yes, it's history (ugly history) and it belongs in a history book or class, not on a stamp that is meant for FUN from a papercrafting company.  I honestly don't get how that group doesn't see the difference.  It's not like SU is altering the geographical aspects of the map, they are taking off an offensive name.  To me, it would be like having Ireland posted with Drunkland.   I truly understand the importance of history, but not in this forum.  That's what I just don't get.  It's not the appropriate place to remember our ugly history.  I'm glad that SU is changing it.  Take care and happy stamping!  ~ Beth

  • Hi Lisa,  I don't have a facebook account.  So I guess we cannot join in tomorrow.


  • Hi Lisa! Thanks for the friends request! Now we can send messages! Our crawfish dinner last weekend was EXCELLENT! Happy Stamping! Take care!  :)

  • Love the Washi tape organizer you found!! 

    Is the M store in Lafayette still at Amb. Caffery & Johnson? Can't believe I still remember the streets names... and Kaliste Saloom too! LOL

  • Hi again! Yes, I'm planning on attending convention again this year! It will be my 7th convention! I'm only a hobby demo, so this is one event I can attend! It would be lovely to meet you. I usually stay at the Hilton. We can talk more as convention approaches. It would be so wonderful if you brought me some CRAWFISH! LOL! Just kidding! Flying some in tomorrow! YUM! It's my absolute FAVORITE meal!   :)

  • Hi Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my Bunny x2 card! I saw your cute This and That earlier today! Love all your samples in your gallery! Happy Stamping!  :)

  • I had to get that off of my chest. I knew however, it would fall on deaf ears. She believes what she wants. I could easily find more examples to back up what I said, but I refused to get into a tug of war with her; which what she also wants. Notice how I am now labeled, because I stated my opinion.
    Thank you and your family again for all you do! Have a wonderful weekend as well! It's finally Spring Break for me:)
  • Hi Lisa, thanks for helping me out. I have BlogPress now and just posted with it. I also downloaded an app called signature A+ lite that allows you to make a very simple watermark. So far I haven't tried a photo prog app but since I only needed to crop a picture it was alright.
    Thanks again!
  • Hi there:
    I was reading posts about ipad apps and stumbled upon a mention about Blogpress. I believe you mentioned using it. How do you find it for working with your blog? I would like to be able to import pictures from the ipad to the blog.
    Also I am wondering why the app needs direct access via the password of the email account. Did you find that strange? Have you had any troubles?
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