October 7

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Elizabeth Kendzora

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  • Thank you so much...I have a die hard traditional SB club that loves my "clean" Style of Scrapbooking. Sometimes its a challenge Due to less and less product for SB.

  • Elizabeth thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my Waves Card....I am so very happy that you enjoyed it! Hugs~Donna

  • You need to post in the thread for the Ocassion swap to join. I'll get you added to the list then. Thank you.
  • Thanks for joining my friends. You have beautiful cards. Nice to share. Take care.
  • Hi!
    I have heard back from the majority of the swappers in the #1 Big Shot Book Swap about taking out the retiring dies and the ruling is to take them out.

    I have put a line through the dies that are retiring on the main post. You have two options if you have signed up for a retiring die:

    1. Bring them to convention and swap them. (This option would be if you have already die cut them and they are ready to go)


    2. Don't worry about die cutting them at all.

    If you have any questions about this, let me know!

    Thanks so much!!!
  • Hi Elizabeth!
    I was wondering how you would feel if we took away the retiring dies from the Big Shot Book swap now that the retiring accessories list is out. I am just trying to get a majority vote on this and wanted to know what you thought! Let me know ASAP so we can get this figured out!

  • HI! I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure you saw all the final "rules" and that the Big Shot Book swap is full now, so we can start die cutting!! We will need to make 18.

    ****I copied and pasted the following from the main post. If you have any questions, please let me know!! Thank you so much!!!***

    To participate in the swap you will need to:

    1. Tell me what "spot" or "spots" you want.

    2. Tell me what color of cardstock you are going to use. (I had a request earlier if we could make the die cuts different colors, so it would be a Big Shot Book and a current color book as well. So really all you need to do is pick a color of cardstock that will be current in the new catalog, that starts July 1, and use it!)

    3. Make your pages the correct size, depending on what die you use. Please include the positive die loose in a baggie. (I have listed a size next to each group of dies below. That is the size of paper you should use when die cutting your die. I did this so in the end we can make a "book" out of each of the sizes of dies. So we will have a 3x3 book with the Sizzlits and Embosslits in it, a 6x6 book with the Bigz and the Original dies in it.....and so on.)

    4. Label each page with what die it is. (Please label the dies using Kristen ITC font size 16 and print them on clear labels and place them on the bottom right of the negative die cut. If you can not fit them on the bottom right side, please put them where it will fit Also PLEASE include the color of card stock you are using too on your label!)

    5. Bring them to convention in July.
  • Beth, just found this message. I am still figuring out this site. Yes, I was a demo for the last color change. It wasn't as big of change and more just revamping a few colors. I am waiting to see how my customers respond. I sent out an email and thus far no one has commented. I am sure I will hear about it at club next week. Have you received any response from your customers? I do have a new downline that just placed a big order to get all the stamp pad and cardstock and now it is retiring She is military overseas and hasn't even received all of it yet. Not sure how much it would cost her to ship it back but I am going to recommend she look into it if she doesn't think she will use it for personal use. Off to do some sewing. Tonya
  • :) :) :) , Cool!
  • Beth- Thanks for all your help! Of course, I'll be your friend!
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