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  • thanks,Laura.Hope you try one too,,,,<3
  • Laura, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful talents with all of us.  Just watching your gallery and having coffee.  Thank you for a wonderful break. 

  • Thanks, I have just looked at the video. That is such a nice technique!

  • Hi Laura, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my wall - I haven't logged on in a little while and it was a very nice surprise. You have a beautiful collection of projects here yourself! Thanks for making me smile! Kate :-) 

  • Hi Laura, I loved all your projects today; they're wonderful!  Thank you for visiting my gallery also, it's nice to see you were there!  Cheers!

  • Oh, now I know which one you mean!!  Yes, it is a hippo, and adorable!  No, I'm not being a fat-head, it isn't my work! (I wish it was!)

    This is one of the cards made by other demos, that I took pictures of at the Tacoma Regional last year.  There were so many amazing creations, I took pictures so that I could share them with everyone here on SC.  I'm sorry - I wasn't trying to give the impression that those were all my work! 

  • Hey Laura!  Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and leaving a lovely comment!!

    (I'm afraid you must've confused someone else's picture with mine - I don't think I've ever done a hippo....sorry!  or of course I would share!)

    You say I've been busy - wow, girl - you've hit it out of  the ballpark! :)  Your work is so lovely, it's such a pleasure to look through your album. 

    I've just signed up to follow your blog - OMG!  I had NO IDEA that you made the entire Jemima Puddleduck BY HAND!!!  Amazing! 

    Thanks so much for sharing your incredible talents with this mere mortal! :)

  • Laura, thanks for getting back to me...no biggie.  Your baby card is awesome!

  • No problem!  I'll just have to wing it and figure it out myself.  Truly an awesome baby announcement!  TFS!

  • Holy cow, I just came across some of your samples, and they are absolutely gorgeous and true works of art.  Your talent is amazing!!   :)

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