March 5

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*


What state do you live in?


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  • Thanks for letting me know about the directions for the halloween card. I cannot wait, it is fantastic!
  • Chrissya05@live.com

    Thank You!!
  • No. No other Ogletree's known except in CA and OR.
  • Stephanie,

    I had put all of this info in the discussion of the swap threads and never heard back from you. I added you as a friend and never if you did that so I could send you a message. If you add your pic to a response to the swap thread for all to see and print I will send you the complete file. it is huge and needed to send it a special way so you can open quick and easy. The link expires on April 14th, so post the pic and I will send it right away. I do need your e-mail address to send it, so very important that you give me that info. Thanks.
  • Stephanie, my hope is that if we put all our names together in one place, SU will see that this thread is constantly being added to and stays close to the top of the list. So far, that has been the case as it's been almost a week and there are nearly or close to 300 replies and counting. I will probably let if continue until there is less interest and then contact SU to let them know about the thread and our interest. I will propose that if they don't have plans to bring back the tree, to consider even a preorder as I'm sure it will help to not have history repeat itself and allow demos to even order as many as they wanted, although i'm sure that most demos were only planning on getting ONE. :)

    keep your fingers crossed and spread the word!
  • Thanks Steph for the compliments, I am just a "baby" stamper. I was introduced to Stampin' Up 7 years ago and loved it, but never really got "into" it. So I packed up everything and put it in storage. Then I moved and one of my new friends was a demo and she invited me to an open house at her place and I went and fell in love all over again. That's when I decided to pull everything out of storage and go hog wild ordering from the idea book and become a demo myself to get the discounts. I have a few customers not many, since I am new to the area and the church where I attend already had 4 demos I have no chance of getting customers there. I work from home on my full time job and my HQ for them is 3 hours from my home. So there is no chance of getting bookings or cutomers there either. So I just do it for me. I love it and I love to send cards to people. Hope to chat more soon.
  • shoot it wont let me add it
    go here gwensstampinfun.typepad.com there is NO www in front of this just the http
  • try this link I posted it on my blog today for my friends to view

  • hi! just copy and paste that link in your browser and it will take you to the page
    this site doesnt allow click on links in messages-
  • You are so kind! No, I'm not in Founders Circle. I have never sent in any of my work to SU either! I keep saying I'm going to, but just never seem to get around to it! :-) You are giving me the confidence to do just that! Thank You! If I ever do start a blog, I'll post it on this forum....but don't hold your breath for anytime soon! :-)
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