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Wendy I Rees

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  • Hi Wendy, can you please contact me?  My email addy is gjmollet@shaw.ca   I have some Leadership pictures for you.  Glenda

  • Hi Wendy...still figuring out this friend thing. I am in Seattle, WA so probably not too cost effective to get my garage sale stuff to you. Sorry!
  • Congrats on your not 1 but 2 recruits.....How exciting for you!
  • Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, dear Wendy,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I thought your birthday was on the weekend that you were coming here? I'm sorry to give you a belated birthday song! Enjoy your Birthday evening!
  • Good Morning! and Happy Birthday to me! So now I know where to go to email you. I have to admit, I have alot to learn about using this. I am not very adept at using sites like this or Facebook. My daughter is always giving me heck and telling me to look on Facebook, she always posts pics of me and her. I must admit, I love looking at everyone's work here. And I must say, yours is awesome! I love your fire hydrant. By daughter Brina has the greatest little dog, his name is Oz. I will have to make that for her.

    I'm gathering it is raining there. That's ok, I love the rain and cool weather. We will be renting a car while we are there. I am working on you and I having at least half a day together if that is ok. And don't be silly, I will pick you up when you get here. I don't get company very often and it's fun picking friends up at the airport. We will have a full table at Convention. I have very good friend who wanted to come and yesterday they opened it up to guests so I signed Heather(bff) up and also my daughter Brina. Brina is 25 and pregnant with our first grandchild at the end of may. She and I are very close. Things are very tight for them, her husband is out of work right now so I told her I would pay for her registration. Also, my upline is coming and bringing her cousin(whom I know). So there is our table of 6. I have the feeling this is going to be quite large, if I am figuring the registration numbers right, when I registered Brina I think she was number 702! Not having been to Convention in Utah, this seems like a lot to me.

    As you see, I can go on and on and on when I get on one of these! I am going to see if I can learn more about using this site so I will drop off now. Have a good day, and take a break!!!

    What is your phone number? If it's ok, I would love to give you a call. Mine is 403-272-0252.

  • Hi Wendy

    Found you! Hope to see you soon....bring an umbrella!
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