February 7

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Velbe Elbe

What state do you live in?


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  • Thank you so very much, Veda, for your kind thought. One can never have enough friends pulling for us whenever there is a problem to be solved. I appreciate your taking time to write.

    Chockie Simons

  • Thank you, Veda for your nice comment on my wall!  I loved receiving your cards, too.  I hope we will be put in a group together again.  My mom taught me to write notes.  It's funny, since she died a few years ago, I've realized how important notes from old friends were to her.  She kept them and re-read them in the months before she died.  At the time, I wondered why she insisted on keeping those boxes with old Christmas cards in them as we moved her from house to retirement home.  Afterward I realized it wasn't the cards, it was the friendships.

  • I love your little dog.  What a Cutie! 

  • I am selling my leadership bag. Please check out my offers.

  • Hey Girl

    Glad to add you as a friend  here on SC!!



  • Hi Veda - I do recognize the Strehlow name.  One of my husband's cousins married Craig Strehlow, and I believe it is Susie (who was a Rakow).


    I'm going to ask my mother-in-law about the names.


    Wow...again, what a small world.

  • Hi Veda - Well what a small world, I guess.  

    I'm not from Suring, but my mother-in-law is, and many of her siblings still live in the area. 

    My mother-in-law is Ruby Rakow (Bruns).  Her sister is Helen Heimerl, and she's got two brothers, Edgar Rakow and Ruben Rakow living in the area.  Then, another sister is Freida Carow who lives in Pound. Another sister is Margaret Elfe.   Then, my husband has many cousins in the area, and they are Rakow's & Heimerl's, and Carow's.  I know there are others, but not sure what their last names are right off hand. 


    It is a huge family.  My mother-in-law is one of 12, and then my husband has 41 cousins, and there are over 100 cousins in the next generation.


    They are all members of St. John's Lutheran Church on what I believe is St. John Road.


    Thanks so much for responding when you saw the post.  It's really nice to meet people this way.


    So not sure if you are familiar with any of those names, or not.  I know that Donna Rakow is a huge stamper in that area, but she's not a demonstrator.


  • Hi Veda,

    Sorry for commenting almost 6 months down the road, but I am still figuring this new site out.  I sit in front of a computer 12 hours a day, and playing on the computer on my days off is not my favorite thing to do. 

    None the less, thank you for commenting on my horse, Amber, the love of my life along with my dog, Mattie and my other horse Mollie.  These are the things along with stamping that take up my time when I don't work.  Your dog is absolutely beautiful.  This site is awesome, the talent all the Demonstrators have is just amazing.  I finally took some pictures of some cards, calendar and some other stuff, now if I can just sit long enough on the computer, I will get them down loaded.  I am probably the last demo to show off some of my works.  Thanks again for Amber's complement.


  • Veda,

    Thanks for your awesome, positive reply on the, gasp...blog linking ban!!!  I also debated before posting, but I just sat down and really tried to add my thoughts in the most diplomatic, blame free way I could.  I agree with you that people completely over react to these things, when if you sit down and look at the facts in a rational manner you will a real issue does exist.  You are sooo right...if only people could be so passionate about the positive...ahhh, what a wonderful world we would have!

    PS.  How CUTE is that little puppy in your profile picture!!!  I could just smooch that little facee off!!! 

    Kelly - A fellow rational puppy lover

  • Veda ~ Love your post on the whole mess of linking to blogs.  Especially this part:  "I wish people could get so passionate about the good things in life."  You are so right.  Thanks for a post full of reason.  ~ Beth
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