June 2

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Christine Giuda

What state do you live in?

New Hampshire

What is your DBWS address (other)?


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  • Thank you Christine - so pleased you are a box convert XXX

  • Love your samples!  We used to live in Glen, NH -- have been in FL for 34 years now.  But those were happy days when our kids were little!  We're coming back to visit in Epsom this summer for about 5 weeks.  Is it Spring yet?

  • Hello Christine, I would like to thank you for your positive outlook and common sense replies on so many of the discussions!
    I am from New Jersey. My daughter, who is my upline, and I are going to convention. Perhaps we could get to meet each other.
    Thanks, Linda Pasmore
  • Thank you for your kind words Chrstine, I get so much inspiration from all the talented ladies (and gents) who share their lovely creations. I hope you have a safe move back to Oregon, it is a great place to live. I'm a native -originally from the Roseburg area but have been in Portland suburbs for past 12 years.
    P.S. cute avatar & happy stamping!
  • Beautiful, beautiful work, Christine!

  • Hello Christine, I tried to leave a comment on your blog about how beautiful your projects were, but I had trouble with the google account. I loved your projects! Thanks for sharing them!
    Linda Pasmore
  • Thanks Christine!! Ya know I JUST DISCOVERED that we can comment like this (thanks to your comment!!). I see other ones too that I missed!! Oops!! Lol!! I love your samples!! ;)

  • hi! you are so sweet! thank you very much. so far this message board has brought out the worst in me! i am only being honest with my comments, and sometimes i think people just want to fight! No benefit of the doubt, or any consideration to anyone not agreeing or kissing everyone's ass. I guess intelligent discussion or differing opinions is not what this board is for. i'm all for encouraging everyone, but i suppose not everyone wants more than "fluff".  It's somewhat cutthroat and i've been on a lot of message boards and the only one as tough as this is twopeas/nsbr when it comes to jumping on people. Anyway, i appreciate your kind words. i am a hobbyist, and one day i may take it to the next level, but right now i work at my local scrapbook store (love it!) and spend my paycheck on scrapbook/stamping supplies! lucky me! take good care! donna :)

  • h christine! nice to meet you! 

    donna :)

  • Hi Christine,

    I see that I had the same idea as Vicki...I just wanted to thank you for your effort to make the Forums easier to follow and search.  I am pretty new and I had not really noticed the cross-postings until I saw it mentioned in a couple places...and how it drives me nuts!  lol  I have seen you catch a fair biot of flack for suggesting that people could have posted in a more appropriate spot, and to tell the truth, that makes me hesitate to mention it when I see it myself.  (I did mention it today, actually...we'll see if there is a response!)  Thank you for caring!


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