February 21

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*

Heidi Boos

What state do you live in?


What is your DBWS address (other)?


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  • Heidi I called the number and it said there was a Blomington Mn store so I talked to them and the number you gave me 10035 is a Supplier # they  need the product # and only a store in Pittsburg ships for them .  So what I need is the product #. Sorry for being such a pain.

    Thanks  Lois



  • Hi Heidi,

    Well... thanks so much for responding to my question and greatly for offering up the SCS link/tutorial; I appreciate it!

    You are SO WELCOME for all of my comments on your samples, I mean every one of them!  You are one of those people whom I do not know personally, but where it "feels like" you are my personal friend, with the likes of Ilina Crouse, Nancy Riley, Mary Fish, Becky Roberts, and oh my goodness, soooo mannnyyyyy more of these talented gals.

    I truly love to see your posts!!!!!!!  Thanks so much!!!!

    Have a terrific day Heidi!!!

    Sincerely, Donna

  • Hi Heidi, How are you??

    I am wondering if you've tips for folding the diaper fold piece?  I've been trying to make one and I know the two bottom pieces are supposed to touch or overlap some but it is not happening for me!  Any tips for that, please??  Thanks.

    Happy Valentine's Day too! 

    I LOVE your work!!!!

    Sincerely, Donna

  • Hi Heidi, You're so welcome re: the Leaderboards mention!  I'm sure you felt fabulous!  Enjoy it and please, keep on "inspiring the rest of us!"  :)  Take care, Donna
  • Hi Heidi!  Yeah, I have two friends now.  Thanks for all the good info at the downline meeting.  I left motivated!
  • OK.... Enough... back to my own business here (BUT!  You have already jumped up to the no. 4 position; yeah for you!!!  This is all such fun!  Revel in it and enjoy!)  Kindly, Donna
  • Hi there,

    I love your work and can see you are online now so I thought I'd let you know that you're in the no. 9 spot on the Leaderboards.  It's the tab way up at the top which I've recently discovered and just now saw that I can "view all" and there you are!  Thought you'd love to know this; it is quite something!  Congrats to you!!

    Keep stamping!  :D  Donna

  • Thanks for the comment! I just checked out your samples -- great stuff!! We have a similar style!
  • Loving your samples!
  • Hey Heidi,
    It was great sitting next to you and your upline! Denali just commented on how great it was to meet such nice ladies and I totally agree! We had a blast yesterday! If you ever want to get together and play just let me know!!!
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