October 11

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Cindy Malone

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  • our blog hop started this morning August 20th but it's not too late to sign up and hide a clue on your blog


    please join us!  only 10 spots left

  • Now why couldn't I have originally been so short and sweet?  Aghhh, I do try to work on paring down my words (but all my friends tell me they love me just the way I am; ha ha ha!)  :)


  • Hi Cindy, Thanks for asking, I'm smiling.  I sent a private message as it got to be "lengthy!"  :) 

    For anyone else reading... the fair was lovely and went well but hadn't been advertised so the traffic was little and sales were few.  As a result, though, my friend and I have now signed up for a big Nov. Fair and hope to pass along our Autumnal things there (150 exhibitors at that one vs. the 31 tables on Sunday). 

    We did have a lovely day though amongst very nice people and were constantly being asked by "scouts" if we would participate in the Fairs that they were trying to start up; quite flattering!  :)

    Thanks so much for asking!!!!  Hugs for you, Donna

  • You are so welcome, Cindy!  You post some beautiful work on SC and we're lucky you share your talent with all of us!!!  I look forward to seeing your next cards - have a wonderful day!! Gayle

  • Hey Cindy, Thank you so much!  I'm really so excited to finally be getting my order.  I was trying to limit/budget earlier but after seeing so many awesome ideas....  well, you know how it goes!  Anyway, this is my birthday month so the wait was worth it (because I've added more than I would have earlier, of course, LOL); woo hoo!  I will let you know when I have something to post... OK!  :) Thanks so much!

    So I just noticed you posted a comment on my 3x3 note card project too (smiles)!  Thanks for checking me out and for commenting also (hugs)!!!!  I shall see you again "soon," I'm sure!  :)  Stampingly, Donna

  • Hi Cindy, You are so welcome (re: your little tree card)!  You hit it right on the head, too!

    I love it so much that I cannot wait to CASE it when I get my goodies on Thursday; yippeee!  Thanks for the cute and "easy" inspiration!  Take care and I look forward to seeing more of your goodies Cindy!!  Warmly, Donna


    You are quite welcome, also!  :)

    Cheers, Donna

  • Hi Cindy, Funny to get your note when your snowman card was still open on my pc as the TV has distracted me!  Greetings to you!  Thank you very much for your compliment too, my heart is happy to hear that (thank you)!!!

    CRAFT FAIR:  Funny, I'm thinking now about what to create to do it all over again....  It was my first fair last Dec. 18th (the WEEK BEFORE Christmas even) and was a lot of work.  I agreed to participate at the end of October I think, and in between hosting Thanksgiving here, I worked like a DOG.  I would guess I worked a hard five weeks at least.  I'm a SAHM and worked day and night and late into the night also.

    I had a lot to learn though and stress about making decisions and projects, but it was all sooo much fun.  I'd signed up for Sat. only and by day's end, was able to pay only the differential for the 2-day rate (w/o penalty) and finished selling things.

    I made a LOT of money but now remind myself that honestly, I got TREMENDOUS SUPPORT from my family and friends; that made the world of difference, I have no doubt!

    ADVICE:  Make lists now of your ideas....  Do NOT expect to pull it all off through procrastinating....  get a jump on things now and, my personal intuition paid off....  I made everything with the idea of a) stocking stuffers that anyone could pick up (or for someone at an office, school, etc.) and b) that chocolate would be a seller.  Turns out, that worked quite well for me.

    Also, my sideline's journals sold out.  They were priced at $5/each; they probably could've fetched more but still, for a first experience, we were feeling wonderfully and were very happy.

    IHTH; any other questions, please feel free to inquire!  Best wishes to YOU!!!!!

    Warmly, Donna

  • Love your cards!
  • Hi Cindy, Thanks so much for writing to "spell out" your secret and tip!  :)  I "guessed" that was the case but am happy to hear that is so and that it works so well!  Thanks so much!  I'd like to add that I'm not so wowed by that mug/mug die but your card is the first where I loved it all!  Looks great!!!  Thanks so much for sharing and for writing too!  Cheers!  Donna

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