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Charlene Boyachek (Manitoba, Canada)

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  • I usually get rid of retired sets, but I have Just Jawing sitting on my dining table. When I teach Physical Anthropology lab, I stamp their papers so they know I read them and counted them. Some think it is pretty weird, others think it is pretty perfect. The class is about 90% the study of various skulls.

  • OMG, love the tatoo!

  • So, is there a name for this kind of style? I just love the juxtaposition. I notice they used the term punk on the sales site, which is what I would call it, but it is the funny femininity that most punk misses that I just find so wonderful. So far I am calling it Femme Punk, but if someone beat me to a better term, I will gladly use it.

    I would love to see these worn, by someone with the foot for it. My hooves would just make it look sad.

  • I cannot imagine owning shoes like that, at least not to wear. The last heels I wore were my logging boots.

    I am a fan however, I guess I see it as art, not a shoe.

  • Hi Charlene!  Thank you so very much for your sweet comment...you made my day!  Just browsed your gallery---lovely samples too!  Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!  (hugs)

  • Hi Charlene,

    Thanks for your comment. I hear what you are saying re you didn't think I should have closed the Discussion on the dry and crappy quality of some of the ink pads but the issue is OLD (not yelling) :-)

    Sometimes it takes another Demo such as yourself to pick up where someone else left off.

    I fought General Paint before due to a serious issue and it took months for me to get to the top (who was the President of the company) and the issue was resolved properly.

    As I said I don't have the energy, and I think by beginning a new Discussion it might attract other people who weren't aware of the other Discussions re this issue.

    Best of luck. I will post this in the new Discussion as I feel its important. Thanks Shelagh
  • Thank you for your wonderful comment left on my page.  I need to post more..I am so behind.  Had fun visiting your page.  Love your samples!
  • You are so welcome!  Thanks for all of your creative mojo!  We will miss you at Convention.  I do believe I will create your presence by casing some of your Pocketful of Posy cards, and credit you on the back with your website.  That way a little bit of you will be with us!
  • Hi Charlene,  


    Are you going to convention?  Would love to meet you at lunch or hang at a meeting or something.  Also, I just shared your name with a utah demo facebook group as a resource for how to use large print dp for cards.  hope it brings lots of 'liking' favoriting' and traffic to your website.  keep the mojo going, sweetie!  you're awesome!

  • Hi Charlene, just wanted to say that you have an amazing gallery!  Thank you for sharing, Cheers
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