May 29

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*

Celia Cawthon

What state do you live in?


What is your DBWS address (other)?

http://hillcountrystampin.com and http://theprintedplanner.com

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  • Hi Celia, Thanks!!!  Honestly, that voting selection tab and button do not show on my page, even now.  I can't understand it.  Last night I kept looking and refreshing and then all of a sudden, big as day, it was there.  The site is awful, I'm afraid to even send the link around.  But I will!  :)  I'm happy you posted it...  Thanks for that!  Have a great day and Christmas! Warmly, Donna

  • Oh for goodness sakes... Never mind (sorry).  I did just vote now.  You can even delete my comments here; so sorry!  (I'm tired!)  Thanks!

  • Hi There, Awesome about Shelli/and to vote!  I don't see a way to vote for her though, can you clue me in?  I found her on the site and hovered over and clicked on the small gray percentage bar under her name, but nothing happened and I don't see a VOTE BUTTON to push.  Thanks a bunch, Donna

  • Hello! Love your creations!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • Aw thanks!  I LOVE Starbucks!  Perhaps we'll be able to meet sometime at Convention or Leadership :)

  • Can't wait to order my planner!  I'm so glad your friends forced you out in the open with them so we can all benefit!!  I would bet that most of us crafters have a  bit of the OCD!  (Resisting the urge to fix crooked artwork that our children create etc)  I think we are in the circle of trust!!

  • happy friendship friday!

  • Hi, my email address is carlson_susan@hotmail.com.  Thanks for sharing these notes with me. : )

  • Hi Celia!  Thanks for your sweet comment--I am so glad you find some inspiration in my samples.  I'm inspired by your GORGEOUS craft room, WOW!  (hugs)

  • I like your room...I just recently added a table to our office and have moved all my SU stuff in there.  I have yet to get it all put away, but I will soon.  Just noticed you're a Texan too...we go once a quarter to the hill country and to our winery, The Singing Waters Vineyard.  We will sometimes stay in Fredericksburg and sometimes in Kerrville.  It's always good to meet another SU Texan.
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