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Sandy Leathers

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  • Hi Sandy, I just looked back over our conversation - I promised to leave a picture of my extremely unfinished mosaic page. I'm so sorry that I didn't but will try to find it now.

  • so glad YOU are a member of our Late Night Stamper group. Make sure to check out our Treasure Hunt game with $150 stamp prize! 
  • Sandy ~ Thanks for letting me know that the items you had are no longer available.  Sorry you got bugged by so many people about it.  Just as an FYI, you can always go back into your discussion and delete it so that doesn't happen to you again.  Thanks again and happy stamping!    :)   ~ Beth

  • Thanks - you too!

  • Will try to send picture for you to see after the weekend

  • What a trip you had! I haven't visited all those places.

    The mosaic I did is still unfinished and isn't SU. I put photos that went well with other photos. On the back of each photo I marked and then cut into squares. Then pieced it together. One day I will get it finished!

  • You sound very busy. I don't do digital scrapbooking (my choice) I like hands on ink and paper stroking! LOL! On Saturday I've 15 people coming to make 20 cards each. I've made the samples (CASE'd a load of them), cut all the card and put it into packs and prepared guideline sheets. I'm fed up prepariong and just want it to be Saturday! I only have one downline and he is 'hobby', though a very good friend.

    Try to get in as many photos as you can. What about putting mini albums on some of the pages or filmstrips with miniature photos. Maybe cut some into postage stamps. You caould do a mosaic page with several photos all 'cut' into each other. I did that when we went on a boat trip round the '30,000 islands' in Canada.

  • Bless you! How kind. I've only been wiTH SU since October but have been stamping for about 20 years, dabbling with scrapbooking about 15 (though not much to show for it!). I joined just for the discount and have only just planned my first event which is this coming weekend. I won't make much in cash but have been nagged by my friends to do it. I've been running a stampers 10 since February. I'm just going to see how I go by the end of December then decide what I'm going to do.

  • Oh what fun!

    We went on holiday (vacation) to Las Vegas in February and I wanted to get to see the US stuff which wasn't available here at the time (as you know, we're only just coming into alignment with you and we had less mini catalogues a MUCH smaller Idea book and also got them much later). I really like Sherrill, we've stayed in contact. If you tell her we're now friends she will be happy!

    We live in the south of the country - south east ofLlondon in Woking, Surrey. Though I was born in the east end of London so am a true cockney with a London accent!

  • Hi Sandy, thanks for the firend request which I'm pleased to accept. I see you're on the LNS group - so am I. I met Sherrill in Vegas at the beginning of the year.

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