April 19

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Patty Bennett

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  • So glad YOU are a member of our Late Night Stamper group Patty. Make sure to check out our Treasure Hunt game with $150.00 stamp prize! http://www.stampinconnection.com/group.LNS


    Bev Farmer

  • Hi Patty, I saw your ideas for the All Dressed Up dress and just wanted to suggest that you could also use the new petite curly label punch in Saleabration at the top of the dress on the neckline to make a lower cut ....I used it when making the apron.   

  • Hi Patty!  You took such a great photo of Dima and I with our DVD Notebooks on the first day of convention!  Thanks for posting it on your blog!  That was a fun surprise!  your photo was way better than the ones taken on our cameras!  Could you pretty please email me the original jpg of your photo of us?  I'd like to use it in my photobook, but just copying the jpg from your blog gives a very tiny file size that gets very pixely.  Thanks so much!  Alana


  • Here you go Patty - search for your own photo and then post underneath when you've found it!  This is turning into even more fun than I ever imagined! hahhahhaha!


  • Hi Patty!  it was fun 'clownin around' with you at convention!  If you would like a copy of your clown nose photo - email me so I can send it to you!  thanks!  Alana  stamphappy@shaw.ca

    p.s.  it was fun to see our photo with the dvd cases on your blog!  since it was taken in the first hours of convention, I had totally forgotten about it!  and your camera took a WAY better photo than ours did! thanks!

  • Patty - I know it's probably been a long time...but you made an adorable scrapbook out of cardboard CD cases.  Can you tell me where you got them?  I'd greatly appreciate it!! :)
  • HI Patty!!

    I hope you are feeling better!! This is Rosemarrie Gonzalez. I went to your last downline meeting...are you having another one soon? Would love an update...let me know if you have room!!

    Rosemarrie Gonzalez
  • Thanks for your reply! I had guessed which punches you put together to make the hat - so seeing your blog post confirmed that for me. However I can't find the instructions/tutorial part that shows how to double-punch the wing to cut away the part you don't want. the parts of the 2 ovals are simply masked by what's on the layer in front of it... but there is nothing else in front of the wing to cut the lower part of it away! I'm so insanely curious! hahahaa! can you help me find the right link to see your double-punching tutorial? I've clicked on tons of stuff and it just makes the jpg bigger to view instead! doh! I feel silly that I can't find it... thanks for your patience and help!
  • Hi Patty - I love your new halloween themed banner on your blog! I was enjoying the collage of images... when I realized that your MDS punch art owl was wearing a hat where you were actually able to punch (instead of mask) a punch shape to make the hat! HOW DID YOU DO THAT???? I can't wait to hear the answer! I'm so excited that someone has finally figured this out! Please share! Stampin Hugs! Alana (p.s. big fan of yours )
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