December 29

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Nicolina Shopis

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  • Thank you for your kind comments on my scrapbook layouts - it was very kind of you to take the time.  Many thanks - Carole xx

  • Thanks for the kind comments on our Late Night Stamper group!

    You are wonderful :)

  • Thanks for joining us for convention 2014

    I look forward to spending more time with you

    this years events were awesome!!!

    Sherrill Graff lnsconvention@aol.com

  • So glad YOU are a member of our Late Night Stamper group Nicolina. Make sure to check out our Treasure Hunt game with $150.00 stamp prize! http://www.stampinconnection.com/group/LNS


    Bev Farmer

  • all your friends have to do it go to our group page and click on join group. it's that easy. here is the link.


    thanks for asking!

  • At this time there is no way to have a workshop order divided up for shipping. Each workshop goes to one address.(yes, I think it is a pain, but the difference in price would be huge.)

  • Hey Nicki,

    Glad to be of assistance!  As for meeting up at convention, I would like to think that would be rather "easy."  (Did I just say that?)   As an illustration, I was "adopted by" a lovely lady from the state of Washignton (like thousands of miles from me).  I was participating in her swap, and we connected via e-mail in advance of convention.   I told her I was traveling alone and was a first-timer, and we ended up meeting up in the lobby on my first night there!   We even ate together!  My only advice there is ....it helps to have texting.   Once convention gets underway, my experience was that it was hard (if not impossible) to hear someone talk to me on my phone (let alone expect them to hear their phones ringing) when I called.  You might consider texting people well in advance of when you want to eat dinner b/c as I found out, if you don't plan in advance (ideally, by texting), you may very well end up eating alone!   Especially if we stayed in the same hotel (and even if not), I have faith we could meet up with one another!  :)  Let me know if I may be of further assistance.   We should definitely plan on meeting up, and I can reassure you that once people find out that you had the courage to travel alone (esp as a first-timer), they will welcome you with open arms!  Two examples for me:  a group of demos from Washington state and another group from Virginia - both who readily invited me to sit with them during the sessions. 

    Oh, one more piece of advice.   Do bring plenty of extra camera batteries.   In my naievty (spelling ?), I was "sure" that I would not need extra batteries.   That is, until my batteries died during my tour of the SU! campus on Friday evening!   There will be tons and tons of samples of cards, pages, decor, etc that you will probably want to take pics of.   So, don't be like me; bring extra batteries!   Not to mention people.   Oh, that brings me to another piece of advice.   You might try to get your "people pictures" earlier rather than later.   One thing I very much regret is that I got so busy with taking pics of projects, etc, and I waited until Saturday (when those who live in Washington and nearby states will leave to go home b/c they have flights heading in their directions, unlike those of us toward the East) to try people pics, and it didn't work out b/c we were all busy trying to head to the airport or (in my case) trying to get my Mall goodies shipped back home!  :)

  • Hi Nicki,

    Here we go!  I will round all totals below up or down to the nearest dollar.

    Four nights at the Hilton (Salt Lake City Center) totaled $ 559, taking into account that I was a SU! drawing winner (meaning I received a $50 hotel voucher).  I was not aware of this until I checked out of the hotel.  This total includes all applicable taxes, and I alone occuppied this room, which could have held two occupants.   I didn't need to stay the 4th night, except that there were no flights headed to my destination airport from the West coast, unless I would have chosen to miss the final session, which I wouldn't even think of doing anytime, let alone at my first convention!

    Cab fare from Salt Lake City (SLC) airport to my hotel - I paid a total of $30 comprised of $ 19.40 fare, $ 1.73 (? taxes), and my tip for a trip distance of 7.6 miles.

    Cab fare from my hotel to SLC airport - I only recorded $10, but I know I tipped beyond that.   In talking to others once I was at convention, I learned cheaper options for transportation, as you might  have noticed based upon the totals above!

    Obviously, food costs will vary, depending upon your choices.   There is an Olive Garden right next to the Hilton; I ate there twice b/c I love the OG. 

    If you are like me and drink a lot of bottled water, make sure you purchase it anywhere besides within the convention center; it is costly there.   There was a young lady whom ran a small food "booth" (lack of a better word) across the street from the convention center, and I think it cost me like $4 or so for a muffin and bottle of water.  A bottle of water is included with each boxed lunch each day, which is part of your convention registration cost. 

    In case I haven't already answered this question, I personally would not reserve any hotel room or book any flights until my convention registration is confirmed.   Depending upon where (web sites) you book your hotel and flights, one or both may be 100% non-refundable, which is my reason for waiting until confirmation of registration...I hope this helped you some.

    As for the business center located on the upper level of the convention center, I paid $ 42 for a 16 x 16 x 16 box of stuff (mostly Memento Mall purchases) I had shipped back to Ohio.  I didn't want to have to check the box at my airport nor trust it to get to Ohio.  I just said some prayers that the box would actually arrive, which it did!    In my excitement in being a first-time attendee, I way over-purchased at the Mall, this being my first convention.  I see now where I could have cuts costs somewhat and perhaps not needed such a large box.  Let me know if I can help further!

  • Hi Nicki,

    I am slowly making progress in that I retrieved my business expenses record today.   I hope to have more details to you in the next 2-3 days.   Thank you for being so patient.


  • Hi Nicki,

    I haven't forgotten about your questions...just that I don't have precise details handy.   When I retrieve them, I will be sure to share them. 


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