August 18

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*

Michelle Halleen

What state do you live in?

New York

What is your DBWS address (other)?


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  • Hi Michelle!  Happy New Year!  Hope yours is off to an AWESOME start!  :)

  • Thought I would switch back to here, lol!  I don't know who those ladies are you are swapping with, but I bet it is fun.  My roomie and I each picked a swap that was on here to do for a change.  I'm doing the Just Desserts and one of the ATC ones.  They happen to be the same day at the same time, so I am taking roomies and mine to one and she is taking hers and mine to the other one.  Go figure they are the same day at the same time!  :)
  • Hi there!  So good to hear back from you already!  Glad you had a great time in CA!  WOW-22 DLs at Convention with you?  How on earth will you ever keep up with them all?  If you have a spare clear insert, I do not have any window sheets, if not, it's okay, I'll order some!  Thanks for your number-it's in my phone along with your PHOTO!  I'll text you my number, in case you are doing any FUN stamping events at Convention?  I'll be staying at the Hilton.  I've signed up for two organized swaps, something I have NOT done before.  Have no idea what DH is making, it is always a surprise to me too!  :)
  • Hi Michelle!  Hope you had a great time in CA with your DLs!  Got registered for Convention, now if only I can figure out the class schedule to get that done, I will be set.  Hey, favor, I somehow LOST my little clear insert for photos for my SA necklace...do have any extras you could send me another one or bring it to convention maybe?  Can't wait to see you again at convention this year!  Hope I run into you BEFORE I run out of DHs bag tags!  :)
  • Good to hear from you!  Have a GREAT time in CA with your DLs.  Sounds like a FUN trip too!  I'm not regestered yet, but I plan to be before the early discount ends!  You should upload your samples on here so I can see all your beautiful cards!  Hope we bump into each other at convention!  How many of your girls are coming with you this time?  Can't wait!  DH is already working on a "special" trade for me!  He was waiting to see the theme!  Take care!  I never know what it will look like until he is finished with it!  :)
  • Hello stranger!  Are you packed and ready for convention?  :)

  • Hi Michelle!  Happy New Year!  Told Donna, one of your downlines to tell you hello for me.  Still holding my classes on the first Monday of the month.  The one in Feb will be the 6th one!  Getting an occasional order here and there, nothing much though.  Hope all is well and good with you.  Just wanted to say hi!  Hope you are staying WARM!  :)

  • Hi there!  Got your GORGEOUS Christmas card today and also the SA inserts and folder.  Thank you SO much!  I especially LOVE the clear one for photos!  Still making my Christmas cards-UGH!  :)

  • Hi Michelle, So much to do and so little time! I cannot keep up! Hope your Christmas tags class as well as your Simply Adorned class are BOTH good workshops and bring in lots of ca$h for you! Keep in touch! Take care! :)
  • Hi there new "friend"! Where are all your SAMPLES? Be my friend on here, I wrote this huge long message and deleted it, was going to send it to your mailbox and remembered we need to be friends to send mailbox messages. LOL! :)
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