August 18

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Meghan Griffiths

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  • I love your new avatar. Baby Ayami is so beautiful.  Love that it's a pool pic; like momma like babe :)

  • Baby on the way!  Congrats!  When? 

    I'll be thinking of you on the 19th while we are watching the game!  I'm so jealous - 6-7 games at Rogers!  Lucky you!

    Email me if you 'd like as I'd love to keep chatting with you about Canucks, SU and other stuf.  pkburns@shaw.ca

  • We just have to worry about the weather on our way out there - we are driving.  BUT the positive thing is we are going to the Canucks game on the 23rd (surprise for our boys) but wouldn't you know it they play CALGARY! Oh well, it will be a nice win (fingers crossed).  Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll be watching your blog!

  • Hi again.   Not only another Canuck fan but also a fellow Victorian.  Okay, I live in Calgary now but was born in Victoria.  Try being a Canuck fan in Cowtown!  We will be home in Victoria for Christmas too!

  • Hi Meghan,  OH My Gosh!!!  I signed on to SC to reply to your note but opened first to the gallery page.  My jaw fell to see the first showings; the hockey card, as my neighbor is on a team and I thought I can't wait to fwd. those pics. to their home pc!  Then saw YOU'D MADE IT!!  It's fantastic!!  I will comment on it next!!!  You really are soo talented and I love to see your projects!  Thanks for posting them, of course!!  xoxo

    But anyway, goodness!  I can only imagine this process you've been going through, goodness, goodness!  I can totally understand your losing some steam but gosh, am so excited for you!  I will include you guys in my prayers.  And Meghan, it is soo true (listen to those who have gone before you.....), you MUST sleep and work on your "to do" lists because LIFE CHANGES like you'd never imagined!!!!  BUT!!!!!  There is no greater joy than to hold, love and raise one's child!!!!  I am so excited for you.  Please post a pic. of your sweetie when you can!!  In fact, I am going to go to the bottom of your gallery and click on the Follow You button; that sends an e-mail when you post projects!!!  :)

    I must get ready for my DL Christmas party, I'm leaving in an hour.  It's at 10am and will be packed with fun, a brunch, a grab bag and lots more.  Our group grew just last meeting to 13 from 8, how about that??  So it'll be crowded and energized in a new way!  :)

    I will post comments later, I want to try to curl my heavy straight hair and SPRAY it for hold.... amongst doing make-up and "what to wear?"  I'll be back.

    Have a wonderful weekend and again, Loving Congratulations on your news!!!

    Warmly, Donna

  • Hi Meghan, How funny/silly!  Thanks for sharing!!!  I happen to "highlight" my hair to the blonder side myself!  :)

    Oh, so you are adopting, how wonderful!  That is soo exciting.  I would imagine the arrival date is close as you have so much done for the baby's room!  :)  Congratulations, love and blessings for the best in life for all of you!!!  :)  You will never know a greater joy than to parent your sweetie!  Have fun (and DO get some sleep NOW!).

    You are so welcome for my notes on your Beautiful Projects Meghan!!!  And thank you for doing the same for me, it was fun to see them!  I truly love your items, you do beautiful work!

    Have a stupendous day and week!

    Warmly, Donna

  • Is that YOU up there???  I missed seeing your pretty (prior) avatar and now "you're blonde?"  :-)  Well, it looks like you had a great day in that new shot; yeah! :)

  • Funky Folds card:  P.S.  To fold it, start at the bottom and fold it like a Mountain!!!  The rest should sort itself out for you.  :)
  • Hi there Meghan, Thanks so much for stopping into my gallery and for posting so many nice comments also.  I am so happy you liked several things (yippee)!! Thanks so much.

    Re: your question about making the Funky Folds card, I followed the instructions from Laura Lipe's blog, here:  http://smileslaura.blogspot.com/search?q=Funky+Fold+card

    I learned that when scoring your lines though, you really need to measure the distances noted from the BOTTOM UP!  As always, I recommend practicing with scrap paper first!

    Have fun with it; good luck!  (It's easy to make and packs a wonderful Wow factor!!).

    Love your friendship!  Have a wonderful night Meghan!

    Warmly, Donna

  • Hi Meghan, You are most welcome, your cards really are just beautiful!  I love all of your projects (tfs)!!!  Thanks so much for answering my question also.  I think I might even have that hostess set (unmounted, still)!  :)  Nice to know (LOL).  Thanks again Meghan!  Warmly, Donna
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