April 25

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Mary Russom

What state do you live in?


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  • Thanks, Mary, for the kind comment you left about my holiday stocking die. It is always nice knowing what people think of your creations.  Chris Austin

  • Hi Mary,

    I'm glad you liked the set up. Those black bins are from Target and I printed the SU logo from the demo site under printing materials. Did not alter at all. I did call DS to make sure that I could add them to a plain box and I was given the ok. I added velcro to the back so that way I can easly take them on and off.

  • Thanks so much for your nice comment, Mary. Your circle snowman giftcard holder is adorable!

    :-) Heidi

  • Mary--

    Enjoyed your message!  I never mind someone CASING my work, in fact, I consider it a great compliment!  I share freely whatever I make, and gather ideas freely, especially from this site.  I like your thinking that you leave messages on the items you like enough to CASE; I probably mostly do, but will try to remember that as I'm viewing all the wonderful projects on this site!

    My daughter and son-in-law have been in Madison for about a year and a half and absolutely love it, except for all the snow.  The transit system is great, and they use it all the time, just use the car to go get large stuff like groceries.  They also love all the activities going on there.  I think if they have the opportunity they would stay there in a heartbeat!  We have visited twice, once last April and again at Thanksgiving, and it is a wonderful town, easy to get around. 

    We just had a 7" snowfall here in Chattanooga (Sunday night) that has basically shut everything down.  It thawed a bit yesterday, but refroze again last night and is a mess.  Most businesses have no means to plow out their parking lots, so to go anywhere is to take your life and limbs into your own hands!  We have enough snowplow type equipment for the major roads, but subdivisions are left as is.   I could easily make it to the plowed out roads, but have stayed in, because most people down here don't have a clue how to drive on ice and snow.  My husband and I are both from Indiana, and really laugh at how everyone drives on the bad weather. 

    Anyway, enjoy making your tags!  I'm hoping to make up some birthday ones to put on birthday presents this year, and a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to make some for wedding and baby gifts.  I may try coming up with a tag class for my ladies this year--they really are a good way to use up scraps! 

    Happy stampin!


  • Mary--Thanks for your nice comment about my Christmas tags; they are really fun to make because there isn't much space to fill and they are great for using up scraps!  My daughter (who is in grad school at University of Wisconsin--I noticed you were from Wisconsin) had me make some for her, and her sister-in-law made everybody save them for her!


  • Glad you liked my coffee sleeve tutorial! I'd love to see pictures when you make yours and let me know how they sell at your craft show. That is what I was thinking of making them for.
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