November 27

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  • Maria,  I couldn't find the directions for the Wonderfall ornament but I have the similar ornament directions on my website here.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for your compliment on my Wonderfall ornament. We're on a road trip and I won't be able to search for directions for a day or 2. I don't think I ever showed this at a workshop so I'm not sure if I wrote them up. I know I made it like another ornament that I did write up. I can at least send you that.
  • The tutorial is from Connie Babbert's blog...


  • Maria, I am so pleased that you like my wreath. I took a plain grape vine wreath and wrapped it in burlap (from the garden center) that I had cut into strips. I tied a big knot/bow where they joined. Then i just decorated with flowers cut from the fun flowers die. I embellished with the vanilla velvet ribbon (retired), and the jumbo buttons (also retired). Everything was hot glued down, because we get crazy wind and moody temperature swings. Hope that helps.
  • Hmmm..................guess my post was too long!

    Happy Turk-a-Copia making and as always, if you choose to  post or share this project, please give credit to me for the original creation, as a lot of time and effort goes in to the making of my projects.


    Sherry  :)

  • Hi Maria...sorry it took awhile but as I said, I'm just swamped right now! 

    I don't have a tutorial per say for this, it is pretty self explanatory with the exception of the base.  So I will give you the dimensions and explain as best I can.

    You will need:

    1 - 5 1/2"scallop or plain circle for the main stand base ( scored and folded in half)

    1- 4 1/2"  scallop or plain circle for the front chest piece.  (score at 3" and 3 1/2")

    1- 3 1/2"  scallop or plain circle for the lighter color chest piece.

    5- 4" x 4" pieces of DSP folded into a cone.  Be sure and use sticky strip to                     adhere!  They will pop open otherwise!

    3 - 2 3/4" scallop or plain circles, 2 for the head and 1 cut in half for the wings.  ( 1 for the face and the other to adhere over the neck once it is attached to make it more finished).

    2 - 1" x 4" strips for the neck (you will glue these together to add stability to the head).

    2 - 1/2" x 4" pieces for the post of the sign ( glue together to add stability)

    1 - 1" x 4" for the main piece of the sign ( I used my MDS to print the saying out in Raspberry Ripple.  Used Artisan font in bold and the size was 40).

    2 - small scallop circle punch pieces for the feet.  Folded in about 1/3 of the way then cut random sections out to form feet.

    2 - 1" x 4" pieces for the legs

    Face pieces:

    1- 1" x 1" piece for the beak, folded diagonally.

    1 - 1" circle cut in half and adhered with a dimensional for the eyelid.

    2 - 3/4" circles in white for eyeballs.

    2 - 1/2" circles in black for the pupils.

    Very thin strip of red (I used raspberry ripple) to make the dangly thing from the nose.

    4- pieces of tulle cut to about 5" x 5". 

    This is fairly easy to put together however it is kind of a lesson in weights and balances. 

    Fold your back piece on the score line.  This will be your stand as well as the back tail section.  It sits like an easel with the stand facing away from the turkey.

    Take you 4 1/2" circle and fold on the score lines.  Now here's the tricky part. Lay your 5 1/2" circle out in front of you, making sure it is open and not folded.   Apply sticky strip  to the small tab  on the 4 1/2" piece.  Adhere to the large back piece making sure that you keep it even with the score line of the big circle.  This is hard to explain but think of it as a napkin holder.  You are creating a channel to cover your cones.  So the 4 1/2" piece will come up and around the cones forming the front chest piece.  Now take your cones and starting in the middle, stick your first cone down.  I used those big 3-D zot dots to put most of this project together.  By starting with a cone in the middle, it will help you to align your remaining cones.  When adhering the two outside cones, make sure that they are flat to the edge and are not down below the score line or your turkey won't stand.  It's best to just keep checking as you go to get the proper balance.  When you add the legs, it will add the stability needed to keep your turkey from falling forward! 

    After adhering your cones, fold your front chest piece up and adhere to your cone pieces.  Go ahead and put your neck, head and face together now.  Line your neck up on the 3 1/2" piece and adhere.  Center it on the chest piece where you want it, I used dimensionals here,  and then just trim the bottom of the scallop off even so it goes straight across.  Now attach your legs pieces, and trim to the length you want.  Keep in mind that the further they are apart and the longer they are, the more stability you will get!  Put your sign and wings together. I used dimensionals here also.  Also, to add a more realistic factor, I have sponged all the pieces, including the whites of the eyes. 

    Take your piece of tulle, bunch it up into a triangle, twist the end and stick it to one of those big glue dots.

  • Hey Maria...thanks for friend requesting me!  I don't mind sharing at all.  I am just swamped at the moment with upcoming workshops and a wedding.  But I will do my best to give you some kind of tutorial in the next few days.  Most of it is pretty simple, however, the weight and balance issue is the most complicated!  LOL  That's what took me the most time to perfect.  You do need to know that the scallops I used for mine were larger than any of the SU dies that are available so I cut them on my electronic cutter.  But, if you have a circle scissors or a cutter, you can always just use circles rather than scallop circles.  Or, I guess you could also use the scallop circle dies and adjust all the other measurements to scale it down, but that would be like starting from scratch because the measurements I'll give you are for this size.  Anyhoo....I'll try and get more details to you in a few days!  :)

  • Maria, I used the directions from Stampin' Up support (picture on the Holiday Mini).  It just turned out larger because of the die I used.

  • Hi, Maria! I shall post details to my lollies this weekend :) Have a nice one!
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