December 6

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Laura Tieri

What state do you live in?


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  • Yes! It's a doxie in her Halloween costume! I love yours! We have 3, & love the breed! We just got our third this week, as a rescue. They are 11, 9, and approximately 3. Two are epileptic, which is a challenge in its own way, but we love them all! :)
  • Love your Doxie!!!!

  • LOVE YOUR AVATAR!!!!!  :)

  • Hello. Love your dog. We are dachshund people as well. We are currently on number 5 & 6. Always seem to have several. Mine lived to be 16 and I miss him dearly. He was not my dog, I was his human. He picked me and I never had a chance. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

  • Emma is 6 years old.  Tinker was so cute, how amazing that she lived such a long life and that you have another who is that old as well.  I have told Emma I would like her to live forever--she is my best buddy!

    Congrats on signing up in November!  I know what you mean about pacing yourself.  It is so easy to go crazy with all of the wonderful ideas.  All the best to you in your business and enjoy your wonderful pets! :-)

  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your kind comment!  Emma thanks you too!  What are the names of your dachshunds? The picture on your page is so cute!



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