April 3

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Kari-lyn Klemick

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  • So glad YOU are a member of our Late Night Stamper group Kari-lyn. Make sure to check out our Treasure Hunt game with $150.00 stamp prize! http://www.stampinconnection.com/group.LNS


    Bev Farmer

  • Hi Kari!

    So glad everyone enjoyed making Northern Lights (your card looks AMAZING by the way)!  It's such an addicting technique LOL.  Were so close distance wise we should be stamping together - all my upline (except for one) are in Alberta :(

  • It was so fun to finally meet you! I was so worried we wouldn't run into each other even though we were at the same place at the same time. My pic of us is blurry so if your pic turned out email it to me!
  • Hi Kari!

    Here is quick run down of how I ran my club.  There was 5 ladies plus myself that participated.  Each month someone acted as hostess and we each spent a minimum of $40 (before shipping and taxes).  In total we met 7 times and completed 22 pages.  I provided the girls with everything they needed for there pages except adhesive and photos.  However I did give the ladies free reign over the colors and theme of their pages.  They had to follow the layout but that was all.  For example the day we did the Christmas page one of the ladies wanted to create a camping page so she changed the colors and used the mini clothes pins instead of the bells and created a wonderful camping page. 

    Here are some pros and cons of my club.

    Cons - The days were really long.  Because nothing was precut and they had to choose their own colors we would meet for about 6-1/2 hours.

    - I did not make much money, however at the time I started the club doing Stampin Up as a business was not really my main objective I just wanted a way to meet my minimum each month so I could keep the discount.

    Pros - The ladies all left with albums that were unique to  them and this really meant a great deal to all of them.

    - I easily met my minimums each month, and I got some pages done for my own albums which was a huge bonus.

    The ladies were so pleased with how it turned out they would like to start another one in the fall.  They do want to make the days shorter so I gave then the option of doing pages that were just as detailed but less of them or less detailed pages and they chose less pages. So hopefully the next will go just as well. 

    I would love to hear how you ran your club. 



  • Hi Kari!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment!!  I'm glad you enjoy my blog and pages.  You have some really cute layouts pictured as well and I always enjoy looking and finding new scrapbook pages.  I really really love to scrapbook probably more than anything else, but just don't have enough time to do more.  lol   

  • here is my blog regarding the spider sac Kari! www.butternutsagedesigns.blogspot.com you'll have to look on the sidebar for on line classes and frost technique!
  • Hi Kari-lyn

    Yes I am thinking about going to regionals, in september. Just have not made any plans for it yet.

    I don't know if you are a member of Christy Harsch down line group ( We Can Stamp) she is also have a mini convention the weekend before and I was thinking about this one too

    Please let me know about you plans for regionals, when you plan to leave, hotels etc

    Thank you


  • Duh sorry just reread your comment and you told me you've been a demo for a year!


  • Hi Kari-lyn,

    How long have you been a demo? I have been a demo for years but was a SU customer shortly after they arrived in Canada. 

    I am not doing any classes at the moment but I have a few in mind for late summer or early fall (in addition to my annual Christmas card class). I also start my club in the fall. I will add your email address to my contacts and hopefully you'll be able to join a class.

    How did you figure out I was in Regina? Demo locator? Just curious.

    Happy Stampin'

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