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Joan Metras

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  • Thank you for joining us on our Fall blog hop

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    together we do make a difference!

    Thank you again

  • Happy Friendship Friday, from a fellow LNS!  If you're making plans for convention, here's some info from Sherrill:

    We have been getting a lot of questions about our LNS events

    YES your friends can buy just the welcome party or just the friday night 80+1 swap by clicking here

    Our 69 instructors are excited to spend time with you before and during convention 2012.

    Thanks for joining us in July!

    I hope you have a super weekend!


    Bev Farmer

  • so glad YOU are a member of our Late Night Stamper group. Make sure to check out our Treasure Hunt game with $150 stamp prize! 
    Bev Farmer

  • so glad you are a part of our http://www.stampinconnection.com/group/LNS group!

  • Thank you for adding me as your friend. May I be blessed to help you sometime this year.

    If you need anything, please ask. I will do what I can to serve you when I can. Hugs, sherrill

  • Joan, I couldn't find the exact link.... I read tons by searching "mirror technique".  I posted that picture to my profile and here's what I did:

    I stamped the image in classic ink onto wax paper.  Then I turned it over onto my cardstock and rubbed with the back of the wood block.  When I lifted the wax paper, the ink was on the cardstock.  Then stamp an upright image in over the 'mirror' where you'd like.  It was very simple for me.  I hope it works for you.   There are alot of brayer posts, but I do not own one.  It might depend on the stamp you want to use also.  I tried the single tree, that looks like an oak, in the Lovely as a Tree set and it didn't turn out as well.

  • Thanks for your kind words.
    I will hook you up with the mirror technique as s
    oon as I can find a link.
  • Hi Joni,
    How are things going today?

    For me I love the fact of how easy it is to find out information and share ideas and get ideas. I also like how encouraging a site like this can be. People are so willing to answer your questions and hellp you out. I hope that you come to enjoy this site as much as I do.

    Take care and I hope that you and your family are healthy, happy and having a great day,
  • Welcome to Stampin' Up! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!!!
    Take care and I hope that you and your family are healthy, happy and having a great day,
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