July 20

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*

Joanna Jones

What state do you live in?


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  • Hi Joanna!

    Yes you got the right Person! I'm so happy you found me... I tried to search you all over but somehow I wasn't very successful. I hope you and CA got back hope safe. We enjoyed the trip so much....


  • Wasn't leadership a blast!

  • Until you just pointed that out - I had no idea that McWilliams (my previous married name) was still showing up on SC. Funny! I've changed it now to Radford so others can find me.

    I got the email, just hadn't had time to respond yet. I'm home today so I'm going to respond to all. Work has been crazy and I had two small trips just as soon as I got back from SLC.
  • Those are so cute! I think its cool how they turned out.
  • Hey Joanna,
    I'm so glad you made those flowers. I did a class last month and it was a hit. You should try having one.
    Love ya, Susan Adams
  • It's a 5 1/2 hour drive, but we'll stay with Bill's parents. I just hope that the weather will cooperate. We will go on Wed and then Regional is on Friday and home on Saturday. Bill will be manning the fort alone as he'll have to work. Grammy will have both boys on Friday and Connor just can't wait to see her, we haven't seen her since December 30th - it's been soooo long, at least in kid years! This is a bonus trip for them, we normally see Bill's parents at Christmas and then Easter or a month after that. CAn you tell that they are spoiled rotten?
  • Hi Joanna,
    We're working really hard to stay warm in NH, it was 1.8 this morning - brrr. I'm sure that it is well below zero with the windchill. I'm very excited that I am going to Regionals next month in Syracuse, assuming the weather cooperates! C keeps asking when we can go to Grammy's since that is where we are staying - she's only about 20 minutes away. YEAH!!!! Hope that you and CA are doing well.
  • Your picture of you and C.A. is cute, my sexy friend is Aidan, 3 years old and my great-grandson.
  • Hi Joanna, I really like the picture of you and CA as your avitar. Things are good in far Western OK. We are just waiting for the big snow to get here tonight. It was good to see you at Leadership. Fran
  • Hi Joanna!
    It was great to see you at Leadership. Hard to believe I found you at lunch without even knowing it! Take care!
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