April 24

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Janessa Wheat

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  • Janessa, just sent you the SAB Glittery Blinkie link via Stampin' Connection Mail.  Hopefully we can meet at Leadership in January.

  • woowoo, way to use those new ss!   s.

  • for those of you riding with me this is the low down.  (as of right now).  Janessa and I will pick up Brenda and Linda at 2:00 on Tuesday afternoon.  We will then travel to Moab and stay with Shoni's parents (and Shoni).  That is where Shoni will join us for the rest of the adventure.  We will head in to Salt Lake on Wednesday morning.  We will then leave convention on Saturday evening and head back to Moab.  Then Sunday morning we will leave from Moab.  That way we should be back early on Sunday.  I am allotting $40 per person for round trip and $20 per person for one way trip for the gas costs.  I will foot the parking bill.  If anyone has any questions or needs to change anything let me know.  My phone number is 505-320-8271.  See you next week.  tammy.

    ps Janessa.  I sent this message to everyone else via e-mail.  But it wouldn't let me send to you so I am posting it here.  Hope you don't mind.

  • Yea!  New samples are Wonderful!!  =), s.

  • where did all your pictures go?! :-)

  • yea, under Discussion Forum.  Give it a try =), s.

  • Ahhh...I think that you can also upload on the Bliss site so that they are in Your Samples but on the Bliss Site Samples.  I think that is it in the upper area, under Start a conversation (?), I'll have to look.  =), s.

  • Great pics!

    You need to list who made what and for sure explain about the sock monkey!

    I think that you can also put all these pic's in an Album so that they are not in with Your Samples.

    Good to hang and get to know you better =).  Hope mine and Tammy's snoring did not keep you awake, heheheeheeee

  • Okay Janessa....where are the new posts??  heheehee, hope to see you more on here.  =), s.

  • Cute Ears! Glad to have you as a friend =), s.
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