January 1

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Heather Summers

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    thanks for being my friend
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  • Hey Heather!

    Come 'Pick Your Nose' from the convention photos:
    And see who else you can venture a guess on!

    Alana Jean-Louis

  • HI Heather!  That's great news for Mark. See you next week!
  • Hi Heather, thank you so much for letting me know. Great for Mark, but I was really looking forward to talking with you. It would be awesome to meet up on the ship. I can't believe it is only a week away, I haven't packed a thing, ah and it is kind of difficult to know what to pack, cold or really cold?  I will stop you and say hi, I know I will probably run into you, hope so anyways, safe travels, Joanne
  • Hi Heather  

    I'm very excited about the cruise, too. This is my First incentive trip!   We definately look forward to having dinner with you and Mark.    My husband and I decided to make this a trip for just the two of us so my Mom is moving into my house to look after my kids.  I have so much to do to prepare to go away.

    I hope you don't have to pack any heavy punches this time.  I remember watching you at the airport as you had to unpack punches and put them in your carry on.  You looked up at the crowd and said "I'm cheap!"  lol. What a hoot!  I also attended you regional event in Hamilton which was AMAZING!

  • Hi Heather - is this the same blonde Heather that is the Queen of the MDS website? *smiles*  I hope so but can't tell by the 'feet' in this avatar! hahhaa! anyways... wanted to share this with you...



    The people in Sendai are really being blessed by the cards and art being sent over there!  It is time to send a 2nd wave of cards to make sure they do not feel forgotten just because they are not in the headlines everyday!  Depression and post-traumatic stress are setting in - and the more smiles we can send - the sooner we break the chain of sadness!
    I just posted a 'swap' on stampin connection - where you can swap your cards for a smile (and who knows - maybe get a penpal?)!  If my 6 year old can do this - so can you! :o)  There is also a pdf there you can print which is a letter in Japanese, but has some blanks (with english instructions) that you can fill in with English words.  The translation of the letter is in my post.  This will make it quick and easy for anyone to fill out and send (with or without a handmade card)! 
    Check it out - there are some funny pics on the posting that I took when I was teaching there! 
    Thanks in advance for sending some Love to Japan!
    former resident of Sendai!
  • Hi Heather, YAY!!!  I am so excited. This is my first cruise!  I had met you at one of your London functions and you have talked a few times with my downline Lynda.  It will be great to get to know you a bit better. How awesome that your son will be joining you. Neither my husband or myself have ever cruised so I was tempted to bring one of my three kids, would have been hard to choose but Grant said he would come so husband it is!!!  Really looking forward to it. I am planning a wedding for our daughter so I haven't even thought about the cruise, I guess I better, just a few weeks away!

    See you then, Joanne

  • Heather, I stumbled upon your page by accident, but I just had to stop and say WOW! - I love all your samples and you are SUPER taleted!
  • Hi Heather -
    just wanted to say that you did an awesome WOW demonstration at the Regionals, this past weekend. Congratulations.
    Are the instructions posted here, or will you be able to list them. I was so overwhelmed by everything - thought for sure I could make notes after, and it all went out the window. :)
    If you have a chance, great - if not, that is ok too!
    Happy stamping!
    Nadine McKenzie,
    Morewood ON
  • Love your new profile pic Heather! I only wish I had taken some close ups of my kids feet when they were little!
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