November 15

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Debra Brown

What state do you live in?


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  • Hi there Deb hows things going found your lovely message.  I am going to convention but its not the same one, ours is in May in Brisbane cant wait only 30 sleeps.


    love Carolyn

  • Hi Debra!  I didn't even know there were friend requests on SU!  :)  Things are going well.  This is sort of a "slump-y" time, though. :(  I thought people would order during the free shipping offer- but I didn't get a single order!   :(   Now, I'm contacting people with the Hostesses earn more promotion, and with the idea that they need to order before things are discontinued.... no luck yet.

  • Oh thanks Debra. My brain is thinking up a storm hope I can surprise you and it will be alright.

    Love Carolyn

  • Just getting the kids from school and I will send it tonight! Do I just ask for the flat shipping rate? Not sure how it works? Any ideas?

    Thanks Nancy

  • Hi Debra!  Thanks for counting me in! Do you have a pay pal account? Why don't I just send you $20 and if I owe you more then you can let me know and if it ends up being less then I am happy with you keeping the difference as a favor for organizing the swap. How's that sound?

    I am actually going to be in Kansas City in early October so I will just mail my samples from there and I am sure they will be to your house before the 12th.

    Thanks again for counting me in! I am excited to get started!!!!

    Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me :)

    Nancy Vanderzwan

  • I certainly know what you mean!!! They aren't due until Oct 23.  Just let me know.  Either way - Do what is best for you!


  • Debra, Hi! I was in Martha Lou's Vintage Swap with you. I just started a Vintage Christmas swap to coordinate and was wondering if you wanted to be a part of it? If so, check it out under SWAPS.  Hope to have you! Your cards were lovely!

    Nancy Fontaine

  • debra i like the metal board, what did you use for the metal? please e-mail me at afriendslovecandles@yahoo.com   thank you diana wallin

  • Hi Debra, it's me again. Nope.... you did not mislead me. It was my own mistake. Grrr.I don't know what happened with my thinking. I was all packed and ready to go home after convention was out. A year to remember. A Lesson learned. I am more relieved now knowing that you haven't "kicked me off the island" (LOL). Thanks for understanding.

    Jane in Phoenix AZ

  • Hi Debra,  My oh my! I am so embarrassed and upset with myself! The Convention Punch Art Swap is one I hold so dear to my heart. It's one of the top 5 on my list.

    Well, how stupid could I be in my thinking?! I had it written down but didn't look at my swap list and I thought for sure it was at 4:45pm right after Convention. 

    So, the really bad part of it is that I had walked out of the General Session to go to the restroom and noticed a BIG!!! swap going on over by the ramp.... so I walked over by it but didn't even connect it. I should have asked what it was for. But, NO I didn't. I left thinking how exciting I am going to be with the swaps at 4:45pm. 

    I am so sorry I missed it. I apologize not only to you but to all of the others who were counting on receiving all the swaps that we demonstrators signed up for? 

    Now, what can I do to make this better. I have lost sleep over this mistake of mine and I run this "tape" over and over on how close I was to being a part of the swap at the right time. 

    I just hope that next year I can still be allowed to participate in the punch art swap. I am hoping to have another chance at joining.

    Thank you and again please accept my apologies. Jane in Phoenix AZ

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