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  • Thanks for your reply D'Ann. Do you have workshops throughout the year? I would be honored if I could attend one of them. Please keep in touch. Thanks again, Julie
  • OMG, you make the most beautiful cards!  I just joined Stampin' Up!....not great at making cards...yet.....someday.......Nice to know someone from Hawaii ;)

  • It is crazy to be looking for a stamp set/bundle like this and to find so many crazy prices on ebay.  There was another demo on SC that quoted me $85.99 for the bundle, + shipping!

    I am really working overtime trying to find the framelits, but as I told you in the email, if I find a bundle, we can definitely work something out, so that we both have what we need!

    On Friday & Saturday, three different people got their ISOs responded to and were able to secure the bundle, after only posting once! Arghhhh! I was so frustrated! I feel kinda bad for constantly watching the board, and always bumping my ISO to the front page, but SHEESH! I received an email on Monday offering me the bundle, made some phone calls to my friends to plan the card workshops w/Scentsational Seasons...A few hours later, I get an email that they cannot find the stamps/framelits.  It's been a rollercoaster!

    Never fear! I am going to find this bundle!!! And then we will both get the pieces we need!!!

  • Your work is BEAUTIFUL and FABULOUS!!!!  Every piece of it!  I'm so happy you post... Thank you!  :)

  • WoW D'Ann, I don't even know HOW you did that but your blog link info. and details here on your Profile page, with photos included, is AWESOME and Wonderful, I love it!  You certainly got it down.  This tech-stuff really is beyond me!  Great job!

    I just tried to post a comment on your blog about how much I love your Christmas tags.....  but I have to do the "anonymous" thing or nothing since hubby asks not to be so "out there w/our names and things" on the internet.  Sorry it wouldn't take!  :(

    Love your work though, tfs!!!

    Hugs, Donna

  • Goshhhh, I write so much!  I really am sorry about that!  :)

  • Hi D'Ann, I am laughing as aside from up until this particular moment, I really do LIVE here on SC and cruise around all through the day and evenings.  I just love it and as I am home, pop on here often!

    Well, I am really glad that I could be helpful to you w/regards to posting external links and such, and really had only meant to be just that, helpful! :)  Happy it all made sense, too (you're welcome)!!

    I was presently trying to return e-mail messages to friends and since those pinwheel projects were made for last Friday night's WS party, I've gotten notes from all the girls (the hostess was my aunt, the party was family and friends) about how much they LOVED the project and gift and that they have already made some at home to have on hand.  I was soooo pleasantly astounded by their quick re-creations and overjoyed by their expression of pleasure! 

    So.... Thank YOU so much for your kind comments too.  They truly are easy to make and I am thrilled to know you'll "build for your dtr's b/day" too!!!!!  You can even make a stick from a sliver of card stock (fyi)!  Have fun with it; let me know if you have any questions!

    I will need to pop into your gallery too, and will.  I do know I've enjoyed seeing your creations posted over time as well, but I will stop in.  I'd been answering e-mails and now must move the laundry around....  LOL.  I will catch you again but, thanks so much for the fun writings back and forth, I've enjoyed connecting with you.

    I actually met Jacque Craig (by you) at the trip back to the airport from Convention last year; I noticed the other day that she left a post for you on your wall (but I think it was from 2010), but I really smiled to see her avatar there on your page!  A small, happy world of stampers we really are, aren't we?? 

    Well, have a great day and Cheers!!!!  I will see you over here again soon!  (Have fun making pinwheels!!!!).

    Thanks again for your comments!  Warmly, Donna

  • Hi D'Ann, Thanks so much for your kind comment!  I do post my comments from my heart, but it has been nice to also hear back from people like you saying I "encourage others" and make a difference!  Thanks very much!

    That's great too, that you've added your blog link (thanks).  I did go back to check your "tags..." and saw that really you had edited your link into the body of your description.  I just want to point out kindly that...  SU! doesn't allow links there.  No one here is happy about that, it's really silly for a lot of reasons....  but they say it's ok to put links on your Profile Page ("My Page"), and that's where I'd hoped to direct you to.  Just click on "Settings" underneath your "Inbox."  I "think" ppl. add it to where the last question is under the "Profile Questions."  You can include your DBWS there as well.  (You will notice on many other projects how we are directed to look at Watermarks or Profile Pages for blog addresses, etc.)

    I'm not entirely sure but I'm sure you could reach out to others that have links posted (like Becky Roberts for example).

    I hope that helps(?)!!!!  I sure didn't mean to overwhelm you in any way either.  In the short run though, "I" do thank you for posting the link bcs. I have since forwarded it to my sister; she will love those Christmas tags that you made!  :)

    Thanks so much for your time and efforts!  It's been nice chatting with you and I look forward to seeing more of your projects!  Your name is definitely one that I recognize on here myself!  I love your work!

    Thanks for everything; have a wonderful day!

    Warmly, Donna

  • You are SO creative and talented!  I am going come back here again and again, looking at your samples is inspirational!  :)

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

  • Hi D'Ann, Thanks soo much!  My sister just bought the Two Tags die from me and I love to share samples and such, but sometimes I just am too tired to copy and paste so many of them.  Your blog is great and I can just send that one link to her; bravo!!!  (Smile)  Thanks so much!!!!!  You should add that to your Profile Page here on SC, then any of us can find it any time...

    Thanks so much; your tags really are adorable (I think I have to go back and post comments saying so; I'll do that tomorrow, I'm "so off to bed" now!  :)

    Thanks again; good night!  Warmly, Donna

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