December 13

What is your name (Name on file with Stampin' Up!)?< /br>Quel est votre nom? (Nom donné à Stampin' Up!)*

Cathy Caines

What state do you live in?

Newfoundland, Canada

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  • Hi Cathy, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoy your blog! You inspire me to just slap it on and give it an artsy look, and I'm really beginning to love it. Keep up the great work! Oh, and thanks for sticking up for us scrapbookers!

  • Ohh Cathy, What super fun (for me)!  Thanks so much for reaching out!  It is so rewarding to know we please others, thanks again!!!  :)  If you want the pdf file (instructions), just e-mail to me, ok:  stampinwithdonna@gmail.com  It is DeAnn Rauzi's and she did a great job!  Thanks again!  Have a wonderful weekend!  :)

  • Hi Cathy, thanks for taking the time to comment on my Love card and inviting me to your Challenge. I'd be happy to post but I don't have a blog. So sorry! Thanks again :-)
  • Hi Cathy, Thanks so much for your comment on my "convention treats," I was so happy to read that (http://www.stampinconnection.com/photo/convention-gifts-1?xg_source...).  Were you nearby when I was giving one to someone or you just happened to see one with a demo, in general, somewhere?  It was so much fun to read how you'd seen them at convention and quite a compliment in how your were "eyeing them!" :)  Thanks for the happy heart; so glad you like them!  Thanks again, Donna

  • Thanks Cathy, I have thought of that but didn't really want to set up another email account.  I have a hotmail account which I could use, but I rarely think to check for mail there.  I will call DS tomorrow, and I'm sure they can help me re-start again.  Thanks again!

  • Hi Cathy - Thanks for the Sweet comment on my card... Love your samples too! you do beautiful work, love the clean lines.. Now to answer your question, I use an OLD editor called Picture it!.. It's super fast, and I have been using it FOREVER... Now with that being said, you can do the same thing in Elements.. .I have version 9 and it does the same thing, just more steps. I tend to use the old editor out of habit. I hope that helps you out.. Take Care

  • Love your tags Cathy! Great ideas! TFS! M

  • Well, my husband IS a carpenter, so ... LOL. That being said though, that makes it even harder sometimes to get him to make me stuff !! After doing stuff all day at work, he doesn't usually want to come home and go out in his Workshop to make me stuff ... hahaha

    I will email Jill and find out some more info on who she is under and stuff. 

    And sorry, I am not behind in my scrapbooking !! The page I am working on right now is from November, so I am right up to speed. I have all of Jackson's first year done (2 scrapbooks worth), a travel one of places Brian and I have been from before we had Jack, and now I am working on Year 2 ! And I do do mine in chronological order, just because I am up to ate so when a new pic comes along I just do it, kwim ?? I LOVE it !! The one I am working on now is from Jackson's first hair cut, adorable !! Hahaha. That being said, I find it super easy to think of ideas where I have a Cricut. I just pick a picture and browse my cartridges until I find a suitable die cut !! It's more work than stamping, but I don't mind where I am keeping it for myself. I hardly ever use the cricut for cards anymore !!



  • I believe I love the scrapbooking more as well, but more because it's for me !! hahaha. I love to make cards, but then I have to give them away! Scrapbooking I get to keep and gawk at as much as I want. LOL  

    My upline is in Gander, and I am her only downline. I don't have anyone under me yet. Sounds nice that you have a nice support system with your upline !! I agree, working a real job sucks. LOL. Wish I could just stamp all day !! I actually have a workshop scheduled for tomorrow night ! I have a Stamp Club that meets once a month, and they take turns being the hostess. There are 7 of them, so it's fun but not too hard. And I like the extra money it brings in !! And of course I like the night out to stamp with friends. They were all people I knew anyways, so it's not like I am with strangers.

    I actually DIDN'T get my birthday discount !! My birthday was in October and I want in the system long enough to get a discount. I might call DS and see if they can give me some sort of credit or something, but we'll see. I think the caddy is a great item to get !! I am super lucky, my husband built me a rack to store my embellishments in (I put them in little glass jars instead of keeping them in the plastic cases), a ribbon rack AND a shelfy thing for my ink pads !! I love them. 

    Yeah, if I am allowed to go to any SU retreats, let me know! Sounds like a lot of fun !! It might be just for your uplines people though so ... we'll see !! I don't actually even know who my uplines upline is !! Shocking ... I should know that ... hahahahaha ...

    Talk soon !!


  • Funny, thats why I got into crafting !! I bought a cricut while I was pregnant because I wanted to get into scrapbooking. That led me to stamping later. It was my gateway drug ... LOL !! My son Jackson was born in September 2010 and I have been obsessed with paper crafting ever since !! And I pretty much signed up for the same reason you did. A discount on the fortune I spend !! Hahahahaha. Also, I have gotten some of my friends into it and it's just as well for them to buy from me than from someone else, right ?? I would love to get into some sort of crafting retreats ... cool !! How did you find out about them ?? 

    I also see from checking out your Facebook that you are a Disney person !! We LOVE Disney !! My dad actually bought a house in Kissimmee (about 20 minutes from Cinderella Castle !!) so we go a lot!! We just got back from there a few weeks ago actually !! 

    Nice to actually KNOW someone on here in real life !! Hahaha. Keep in touch !! Maybe we can have some sort of Craft Get-together some time !! And say hi to Heather & Hector for me !!

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