January 26

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  • Hi Blythe, Is there an address for this, your post??  http://www.stampinconnection.com/forum/topics/i-am-in-honor-of-our-...

  • Blythe,
    I was with Cindy on Saturday and she was taking me through the Stampin' Connection. She was helping me add friends and it was her laptop, so she did the typing. Hope all is well with you and you are out from under the winter snow. We are having beautiful weather in Indiana. It is finally spring!!
    Take care and hugs,
  • It has been too long lovely lady! I miss you and think of you often! Catch up soon!!
  • Hi Blythe, the surgery for Bell's Palsy isn't a pleasant one really and is usually a last resort when Bells Palsy isn't improving at all in the first 6 weeks like mime wasn't. There is a long incision along my hairline above my left ear and continues down behind my left ear. He then needed to cut a hole in my skull to go inside and scrape bone away from the facial nerve inside my head. He then replaced the skull piece and it is being held in place by 2 brads as called them, so I guess I now have bling permanently in my head, LOL. I am still recoverying from the surgery as well the recovery time from the Bells Palsy is going to be long still and then I will need to get Physical Therapy as well. Good news is though that the surgery does appear to be working and the Bells Palsy looks like it may be going a way some a little at a time. The lack of stress and warmth in Mauii did seem to help too. Thanks for asking and I am now back to stamping more regularly again, YIPEE!!!
  • I've heard through the grapevine that you've been without electricity. I hope you are all ok and find some relief from the storms soon. God Bless!
  • Blythe, I may be having trouble with my email. I've sent a couple to you directly about the code for the upcoming bootcamp and haven't heard anything back. So sorry if you just haven't got to it yet, I just know that some of my emails never get where I send them lately. Thanks, Nickole Chiasson
  • Hi Blythe, I hope your home was OK after the earthquake the other night. When I heard about it, I thought of you. Hugs,
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